Ruth Drown

Ruth Drown was born in 1892 in Greeley, Colorado. Her father was a professional photographer and taught young Ruth all he knew of the photographic processes. Years later, this background would play an important role in her development of Radio Vision?, an invention of such inestimable importance and merit to the healing arts that it should have carried her to the stage in Stockholm. Instead, her work, her inventions, her honor and finally her life, were all shattered by a calculated onslaught organized by the Little Men of Big Medicine using their media pimps and government stooges to destroy her. These jackals of greed and duplicity always seem to reserve their greatest torments for those who would relieve man's suffering the most, as was seen in the case of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife whose great discoveries in cancer research and therapy were obliterated by the same medical mafia (see The Cancer Cure That Worked! by Barry Lynes?). Dr. Drown's persecution was remarkable in both the continuing torment of her detractors and her tenacity to preserve in the face of such unrelenting and withering ridicule endured over many, many years. Quoting from page 233 in Trevor's book:

"During her lifetime, Dr. Ruth Drown was one of the most widely misrepresented and vilified women in America. The poisonous rubbish circulated about her in magazines and newspapers was never written by anyone who knew her. Alleged technical descriptions of the Drown work, invariably condemnatory and always inaccurate, were printed in national magazines and published in books by writers who had never even met Dr. Drown, let alone had studied her work. The pillorying went on for decades." Educate-Yourself (external link)

Web site bio http://educate-yourself.org/tjc/ruthdrownuntoldstory.shtml (external link)

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