Psycho-physiological Changes in Awakening

Severing the Heart Knot

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3. The association of the Self with the body is called the Granthi? [knot]. By that association alone one is conscious of his body and actions.

4. The body is completely inert. The Self is active? and conscious. Their association is inferred from the experience of objects.

5. Oh, child, when the rays of consciousness are reflected in the body, the body acts. In sleep, etc. the rays are not reflected and caught and therefore some other seat of the Self is inferred.

6. Electricity and similar forces, which are subtle, pass through the gross wires. Similarly the light of active-consciousness passes through a nadi? [nerve] in the body.

7. The effulgent light of active-consciousness starts at a point and gives light to the entire body even as the sun does to the world.

8. When that light spreads out in the body one gets the experiences in the body. The sages call the original point ‘Hridayam?,’ (the Heart).

9. The flow of the rays of the light is inferred from the play of forces in the nadis?. Each of the forces of the body courses along a special nadi?.

10. Active consciousness lies in a distinct and separate Nadi? which is called Sushumna. Some call it ‘Atma Nadi?’ and others ‘Amrita Nadi?.’

11. The individual permeates the entire body, with that light, becomes ego-centric and thinks that he is the body and that the world is different from himself.

12. When the discerning one renounces egotism? and ‘I-am-the-body’ idea and carries on one-pointed enquiry (into the Self), movement of life force starts in the nadis?.

13, This movement of the force separates the Self from the other nadis? and the Self then gets confined to the Amrita Nadi? alone and shines with clear light.

14. When the very bright light of that active-consciousness shines in the Amrita Nadi? alone, nothing else shines forth except the Self.

15. In that light, if anything else is seen, even then it does not appear as different from the Self. The Enlightened One knows the Self as vividly as the ignorant one perceives his body.

16. When Atma? alone shines, within and without, and everywhere, as body etc. shine to the ignorant, one is said to have severed the knot (Granthi Bheda? occurs).

17. There are two knots. One, the bond of the Nadis? and two, egotism?. The Self, even though subtle, being tied up in the Nadis?, sees the entire gross world.

18. When the light withdraws from all other Nadis? and remains in one Nadi? alone, the knot is cut asunder and then the light becomes the Self.

19. As a ball of iron heated to a degree appears as a ball of fire, this body heated in the fire of Self-enquiry becomes as one permeated by the Self.

20. Then for the embodied the old tendencies inherent are destroyed, and then that one feels no body and therefore will not have the idea that he is an active agent.

21. When the Self does not have the sense of active agency, karmas [tendencies, actions and their results] etc. are destroyed for him. As there is none other except the Self doubts do not sprout for him.

22. Once the knot is cut, one never again gets entangled. In that state lie the highest power and the highest peace. [source unknown]

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