Thought or Mind Force.

It works via variable 'capacitance', which is measured in 'microFarads?' and in variable Voltage levels stored within the capacitance and later read (discharged) into arithmetic/logic circuits. The term 'Farad?', by the way, was coined as a "standard amount" of "capacitance" in a capacitor or related device, and was derived from the name of one of my all-time favorite historical science figures: Mssr. Louis Faraday. Faraday is also known for suggesting that the entire Earth is one big 'Nousphere?' where millions of separate Minds are linked together by the 'Capacitance' of the electrical potential between their brains. It has been suggested that the Human Brain is an electrical device that operates through chemical electric charges.

For those who don't know what "capacitors" are: Capacitance is a term referring to the "electromotive potential?' between two elements of a capacitive device. If you insert two pieces of metal foil into a bottle, very close together in parallel, and you apply a certain DC current to them, one of the two pieces of foil will accumulate a charge of Free Electrons. Faraday, observing this, developed a 'yardstick', so to speak, for measuring the galvanic "capacity" (hence the term "Capacitor") when one of the two pieces of metal foil became charged. Over time we have come to call the measurment of "capacitance", the Farad? (actually, a 1 Farad? capacitor can store a lot of 'juice', so we usually build them with static capacitance? in the "micro" Farad? range). (source unknown)

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