"High grade explosives were known to us, but our employment of them was of much wider range than thine. If thou should cause these substances gradually to yield up their vast imprisoned force without fear of an explosion, thinkest thou that thy machinery would long be propelled by clumsy, because ponderous, steam or electric engines? If a great steam ship could dispense with its coal bins and boilers and, instead have dynamite in an absolutely safe compound form yielding, from what a man could carry in a handbag, force sufficient to drive the ship from England to America, or to send a train six thousand miles, how long wouldst thou see steam enginery? Yet this was a power and a least valued one at that, which we - possibly you certainly I - knew in the Atlantean life. It will be again with thee, because Our Race is coming again from devachan to earth."

But not alone this resource of power was ours; indeed, it was to our forces of the Nightside as an alcohol-vapor motor is to thy steam engines. The Nightside forces - what are they? At this place I will answer only by a counter-question, namely: The force of Nature, of gravitation, of the sun, of light, whence is it? If thou wilt answer me, "It is of God," so then will I make answer that, likewise, Man is the Heir of the Father, and whatsoever is His, is also the Son's. If Incal? is impelled by God, the Son shall find how his Father doeth this thing, and shall presently do likewise again, even as Man did so once in Poseid. But greater things than these which we did might ye do; ye are now, ye were then; ye are Poseid returned, and on a higher plane!"

"I have said that the Atlans recognized nature in its entirety to Deity externalized. Their philosophy asserted that force moved, not in straight lines but in circles, that is, so as always to return into itself. If the dynamism operating the universe acts in circular progression, it follows that an infinity of increase in vibration possible to One Substance would be an untenable concept. There must be a point in the circle where extremes meet and run the round again, and this we find between cathodicity? and magnetism. As vibration brought substance into the realm of light, it must carry it out. It does so. It conveys it into what the Poseidi termed "Navaz, the Nightside of Nature," where duality becomes manifest, cold opposing heat, darkness light, and where positive polarity opposes negative, all things antipodal. Cold is as much a substantial entity as heat, and darkness light. There is a prism of seven colors in each white ray of light; there is also a septule prism of black entities in the blackest gloom - the night is as pregnant as the day.

The Poseid investigator thus became cognizant of wondrous forces of nature which he might bend to the uses of mankind. The secret was out, the discovery being that attraction of gravitation, the law of weight?, had set over against it the "repulsion by levitation"; that the first belonged to the Lightside of Nature, and the second to Navaz, the Nightside; that vibration governed the darkness and the cold. Through this wisdom Atlantis found it possible to adjust weight (positiveness) to lack of weight (negativeness) so evenly that no "tug of war" was manifest." Phylos?, A Dweller on Two Planets (external link); Borden Publishing Company, Los Angelos, California, 1952

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