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A famous skeptic, James Randi, tested eleven well-known dowsers in Australia in 1980. Under the ground there were ten water pipes and at any time during the test, water could randomly flow through one of them. Although the dowsers had confidently predicted a high rate of success, the actual results were surprisingly low and it may well have been a coincidence.

The failure of the Australian test very likely stems from incorrect evaluation of reactions. During our research we have determined that dowsing-rod reactions show a certain pattern, which must be respected in order to mark exactly the correct place searched. In an example similar to the Australian experiment I will try to acquaint you with new findings when working with a dowsing-rod.

The test area may be much simpler, it is enough to place one plastic tube under the ground and connect it to a water faucet. Dowsers will approach the buried tube in a perpendicular direction from a distance of at least fifty meters from the test area and they will stop in the same distance behind the test area. We will use metal dowsing-rods to simulate better the primeval ages, i.e. copper dowsing-rods. Water is flowing in the test tube and the dowser slowly walks along the route and marks all dowsing-rod reactions by hammering sticks in the ground. At first sight of approximately 15 sticks it is evident that distance between them are roughly the same with an exception - in the middle of the row there is a gap approximately four times wider.

The dowsing-rod has shown one of its secrets, we have witnessed the dowsing-rod pattern code. The tube looked for is located in the middle of the great gap in a place where the dowsing-rod showed no reaction. We will now repeat the experiment in the same way, we will just increase the water flow rate in the tube and use sticks of different color for the second row. The result is the same, the tube looked for is in the middle of the great gap, which evidently increased in width, as did the other gaps. If we repeat the experiment with different water flow rates, will determine direct proportion between the volume of flowing water and the gaps. The same result can also be reached with a small natural stream. For bigger water flows the results are the same, however, too wide gaps between them make it difficult to find orientation among them.

Dowsers erroneously think that the place looked for is located in places where the dowsing-rod reacts. The failure of the Australian experiment confirms this. The dowsing-rod works perfectly but it is necessary to determine a number of reactions and assess the place looked for according to the given pattern.

It may be helpful to think whether there is a measuring device able to find a tube with flowing water buried under the ground as good as the dowsing-rod. I would like to remind you that the dowsing-rod will reliably identify a tube with flowing water that is buried tens of meters under the ground, as are some water springs. If no such measuring device has been designed yet, it suggests that it concerns a type of energy that has been disputed for centuries.

We call the great gap around the water source energy space, the remaining areas marked with sticks are then called energy layers. Both energy components, energy space and energy layers are three-dimensional, they trace the water source shape as well as its direction along the whole length. Both energy components show another property unknown to the science - from their source they can pass energy on to another matter. If we place a stone in energy layers of a water flow, it will absorb energy. After several hours it may be possible to identify energy of the stone in the same way as with the water flow, the stone has become a menhir. When identifying reactions of the menhir we may approach it from any direction since they all are perpendicular. We evaluate the row of sticks as described above, the great gap in front of and behind the menhir represents the energy space, the other reactions then mark energy layers. Both energy components are three-dimensional and copy the menhir's shape. Energy components of the menhir show the same properties as those of a water flow, they may pass energy on to another matter.

In the same way as with the menhir we can identify energy of every matter - i.e. even of man. This probably concerns another secret of the dowsing-rod - why it reacts with certain people only. If we measure the energy of more people, we will find out that not all of them are equal in terms of energy. The energy space radius for humans ranges from 20 to 60 cm. We have experienced that the structure of energy spaces is very different, therefore, it may be assumed that the dowsing-rod only reacts with people who have a suitable combination of the energy space with its structure.

If you gain enough experience with the dowsing-rod, then for small energy objects it will be sufficient to evaluate roughly only the radius of the energy space, we will gain the necessary information much faster. However, it must be born in mind that the energy space is three-dimensional. Merging two or more energy spaces into one common energy space equals the sum of their volumes. Therefore, we will assume that for two people with the same energy space radius of 30 cm, their common energy space radius will be much smaller than 60 cm. From now on we will mark energy space radius as rEP, energy space as EP and energy layers as EV.

Two people standing next to each other in a distance greater than the sum of their rEP represent two separate energy objects and have their separate EP and EV. If they come closer to a distance smaller than the sum of their rEP, they will merge into one energy object with common EP and EV. From this moment, energy is slowly transferred between both persons, the person will lower energy absorbs energy from a person with higher energy. We must mention Bøetislav Kavka here, who described the said energy transfer eighty years ago and commented on it in terms of psychology. Besides other, he stated that a person absorbing energy subconsciously feels sympathy, the person giving energy feels antipathy. Every separate grouping of matter in the nature forms a separate energy object. The transfer of energy between a man and a menhir may be proved easily. First, we have to find a menhir. If it no longer has any energy, this is because the water flow, to which it had been oriented, changed its watercourse several times over thousands of years and its EV are now located in different positions. We will not drag the menhir to a different place as did the primeval people, in our century we have means for that. We can turn a stone into a menhir by placing a case next to it with ten capacitors of total capacity of 1.5 F connected to 12 V. After one hour the stone has become a functional menhir and we can start to experiment. First, we have to measure its energy - using the already known procedure we will mark its energy components. A man will sit next to the menhir for an hour when we have measured his rEP with a dowsing-rod. When comes out of the menhir's EP, we will measure him again and the difference between both rEP represents energy gain that will slowly disappear as will the energy of the menhir.

After several years of experiments with energy transfers you will learn to "see energy". You will not expect that by staying in a twelve-meter rEP of a big tree your rEP would increase to twelve meters but only to 90 cm. You will not be surprised that ten meters from the given tree your dowsing-rod will not function since you are part of the tree's energy, similarly as on a grown meadow or in another EP. You will have confirmed that the most aggressive impacts on your health are caused by ever-present energy components of very high voltage electric lines, which may raise our rEP up to 120 cm if we stay within their energy components. You will be aware that rEP of 120 cm may further be increased e.g. by alcohol etc. You will not be surprised that in terms of energy, alcohol functions in the same way if you have it in your pocket as if you drink it. After measuring your apartment you will find out that you are most endangered by the central heating system, electric lines and electric appliances.

If your dowsing rod does not function in your apartment, the whole apartment is located in a common EP. The scope of its negative impact may be identified using an "energy probe", i.e. by leaving a plastic bottle filled with pure water for two days in the apartment. The water will absorb energy from your apartment. In an energy-free place where the dowsing-rod functions properly you can perform your evaluation: first, measure the rEP of a man, than give him the bottle from your apartment to hold and measure his rEP again, the difference between both rEP represents the EP value of your apartment. In the same way you can use the "energy probe" to perform rough evaluation of other energy objects within their energy components. If someone still considers reactions of the dowsing-rod unprovable, he can prove each of its reactions using selected capacitors, where the voltage on their electrodes increases within energy components and does not increase outside them.

The dowsing-rod keeps back its last secret - what is the cause of reactions. The cause of reactions is the contact of two energy components. One energy component is the dowser's EP, the other component is the EP or EV of another energy object. Deviation of the dowsing-rod is caused by opposing force. The "butterfly" type of dowsing-rod only reacts if it sticks out from the dowser's EP so that it first contacts another energy object.

Properties of both energy components are different from the properties of known energy forms. They are described in literature of the past centuries, we examine them and supplement them with our findings. We are going to publish them after completing research in this field.

A dowsing-rod made of a willow rod works on a different principle; it does not react with an opposing force but with a self-preservation instinct. Dying cells, strengthened by the dowser's energy, try to root in the EP. They do not react to EV, this is a wise measure of the nature since there is no moisture in EV places. It reacts to the whole EP area, therefore, it will not be successful in water tube identification. In most cases, EP represents a large area, which provides the dying rod a greater option range to select a moist place.

We call separate energy objects "charges" since an opposing force acts between them similarly as between two positively charged objects. Our empirical research has been called "Charge Interaction".

Charge Interaction 1

It has become a fact that the function principle which hides space energy unknown to us, which had to be re-discovered at the end of our millenium. Space energy was already known to primeval people and they utilized to their benefit. In order to find our way in the primeval ages, first we have to invalidate misleading hypotheses and acknowledge that people of the megalithic culture superseded us in one aspect of technical development. It sounds unbelievable but I will try to prove it.

Using the drowsing-rod, our ancestors discovered the energy of water flows and their energy components. In the same way they discovered that a stone placed in an energy layer accumulates energy, which may be similarly transferred to a human body. On all continents, almost at the same time, they used to place stones in energy layers of water flows, we then called the stones menhirs. Very likely, they discovered another method of energy utilization when individual stones were no more sufficient for them, and they started to build greater sources - rows of menhirs, big round structures and pyramids. Another finding of theirs was the fact that clay has the same accumulation property. More than one hundred thousand clay bulwarks were built in North America, more followed in England and China. In order for a stone or clay bulwark to function as an energy accumulator, it has to insulated from the solid rock bed with a layer of suitable soil or other natural materials. From the above it follows that all structures built up to the present time, which are not built on a rock bed and have a layer of soil or other "insulation material" between the rock bed and the pit base can function as menhirs, they can accumulate energy in their matter.

Menhirs were continuously enhanced. An area with clay bulwarks, underground channels and lakes in San Lorenzo was a big menhir with a controllable charge. The builders already knew that water could accumulate energy. By regulating the water flow rate in the underground channels, they were able to charge water in the lakes as well as the clay bulwarks. Underground water channels in the Nasca Plateau, which in several places lead under the Rio de Nasca river, suggest that the builders wanted to control the water flow rate in the channels. Otherwise, they would welcome water sources being interconnected. From the above it follows that the Nasca Plateau may have been an energy structure. Line in the plateau may be highlighted energy layers of water flows, sea streams etc.

Menhirs were constructed on all continents almost at the same time, therefore, it must have been coordinated action that can be by no means called a coincidence. If we consider that primeval people used energy that we are going to learn about, we may even assume that we will probably learn even more. Water flow energy layers form a dense three-dimensional grid around our planet, which is conductive for space energy, therefore, we cannot exclude its use for communication. In case of DÃ? ninken's astronauts with aerials on their helmets, they did not necessarily have to be astronauts, they may have been our ancestors.

In Western Europe, approximately sixty fortresses have been built using the melted stone technology. Arthur Clark has proved through experiments that no combustible material available at that time could be used to reach the necessary temperatures. Therefore, we may assume that the necessary temperature may have been acquired through transformation or accumulation of space energy.

Speaking of space energy, we have to divide the life on the Earth into two periods. From the ancient ages to the nineteenth century and from then on. In the nineteenth century, when the electrification began, electric grids disrupted the natural energy balance formed by water flows and sea streams. When we look at a map showing high voltage and very high voltage lines, we will easily find out that there are many more energy grids than water flows. Energy grids generate similar energy in layers copying their location and direction in the same way as water flows do, they also interact with each other. In some places there is a permanent energy overload.

Energy layers of energy grids, contrary to water flow energy layers, are not mobile, they may be called static, their gaps are determined by the voltage irrespective of the amount of current flowing through, they are more aggressive. The science still does not pay attention to the negative impacts of energy overloads on organisms but statistics does. The Health Information and Statistics Institute (HISI) has published a map of the country which shows highlighted places with different occurrence of oncologic diseases. Great woodland areas are marked as places with the highest occurrence of cancer. Places with no woods show a lower number of cancer occurrences. The question why it is so may be answered through research of charge interaction.

The whole area of the Å umava Mountains forms one common charge with a common energy space. The Danube, flowing along the Bavarian Wood, and other water flows on both sides of the border represent natural energy sources for the Å umava Mountains. Under such conditions, the flora had optimum voltage in the cells even for a part of the nineteenth century, which was beneficial for the fauna. The harmony of energy was disrupted by electrification, energy components of high voltage lines caused energy overload in the flora, which has a negative impact on the fauna.

According to HISI statistics, cities as a whole are a little better off but they show some critical places. This is confirmed by statistics of MUDr. Oldøich Juriŷka, who for half a century marked occurrences of cancer in the map of Olomouc. In most cases, the patients came from the same streets or individual houses. In terms of energy this is the same issue as in the Šumava Mountains. The energy overload is caused by cables, sewage ducts, water distribution pipes, gas pipes and steam pipes. Engineering grids form one common charge with one common energy space, which reliably intercepts energy of different charge energy layers and creates a permanent energy overload. Place where energy layers cross represent the most aggressive and critical places.

A cell membrane has a capacity (Cm = 1 µ F * cm-2), therefore, it also has a charge. A charged capacitor also has a capacity and a charge. Man has an average value of energy space radius of 35 cm, a similar value is shown by 3 capacitors with a total capacity of 2 F charged at 6 V. The same energy space radius will be shown by any number of capacitors with the same total capacity provided that their energy space overlap. It is very difficult to measure the capacity of cell membrane, it cannot be performed in every doctor's office. I am not going to recommend doctors some primeval practices but energy values of man may be quickly determined by measuring the energy space radius. It seems to me a question of the near future that doctors will be equipped with a device that will supersede the drowsing-rod in many aspects. Energy value is one of the crucial factors for man's health. This is supported by measuring sound and ill people. For many centuries, healers have used this fact by passing some of their energy to their patients. However, in some cases in our century this works no more, people sometimes suffer not from a lack of energy but from its abundance. It is more than likely that in the near future specialized research entities will prove that there is a connection between deformation of cell membranes and long-term stay in an overloaded locality. Historical literature states examples how to relieve of abundant energy but this is just for the short run. We live in a permanent overload which must be solved in the whole territory.

Charge interaction research solves unexplainable cases even in other fields. For example, one of nuclear reactors at the University of California switches itself off with unfailing precision when someone in the nearby houses flushes at the toilet. The reason is that the water stream generates an energy impulse. Through their conductivity, energy components of the water stream charge connect energy components of other charges which easily cause a voltage increase in capacitors in the electronics of the reactor, which shuts off the reactor subsequently. It can be easily proved if we place a suitable capacitor (see Research Report - Capacitors) in the energy component of a greater charge, the voltage at its electrodes will rise. If we place the same capacitor outside the energy component, the voltage will not rise. The case of Californian nuclear reactor may be similar in other cases where electronics fails with no explainable reason.

On 24 July 1956 at 3 p.m. a strange phenomenon occurred in the streets of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Approximately two hundred men and women danced in the main street of Nairobi. The dancers had deplorable expressions in their faces as if they were forced to dance by someone. One hour later there were already twenty thousand men, women and children dancing. It was not possible to communicate with the dancers, they paid attention to nobody. Gradually, approximately fifty thousand people joined the dance in a strictly limited circle, the radius of which was three and a half kilometers. However, not everybody submitted to the dance in the magic circle - only people who had coins or other metal objects in their pockets. At 8 p.m. everything stopped abruptly. Nobody got injured, nobody died. This is a very rare phenomenon, which was documented with some different attributes during the spring equinox in Rhineland in 1374.

Charge interaction research offers explanation of the "dance obsession". The strictly limited circle of three and a half kilometers, in which the dance marathon took place, was the energy space of a big charge, which are frequent in big cities. Through influence of energy components of other big charges the energy space gained abundant energy, which showed as increased charges of the "dancers", which was furthermore strengthened by metal objects with permanent charges. Body charge may be raised artificially using a group of capacitors at a high voltage. When experimenting with such a charge we were able to cause hands to shiver and it may be assumed that other combinations of capacitors and voltages may be used to cause the shivering of other organs.

However, the question of what combination of energy charges caused the dance marathon remains unexplained. In view of the great time distance between both cases of dance obsession it may be assumed that the decisive influence on the size of the Nairobi charge may have come from energy components of extraterrestrial charges.

A similar explanation may be used for several hundred documented cases of self-ignition of human bodies, the leaving of the ship of Mari Celeste, unexplained airplane accidents etc.

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