Magnetic Light

"Each interchange between the invisible omnipresent universe where motion begins and ends, and the visible transient universe, which multiplies and divides the speed and power of motion, is a cycle. Pulsing cycles constitute the heart beat of this universe, which simulates Mind-Idea through pulsing cycles of two-way motion. Every pulsation of the life principle of multiplying motion creates divided electric male and female bodies, which seek rest in each other from the strains and tensions of their division into pairs of opposites."

"This shows how the heartbeat piston operates between the vacuity of the Creator’s Magnetic Light universe of Mind-energy and the potential of the electrically pressured universe to create cycles of two-way motion." Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe

"I instantly, and timelessly, knew the still magnetic Light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also I knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter." Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 7.3

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