Joseph Newman

Inventor, author.
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman is a DC motor which the inventor claims will produce mechanical power exceeding the electrical power being supplied to it. In the 1980's, Newman attempted to patent the device, but was rejected by the United States Patent Office. When the rejection was later appealed, the United States district court requested that Newman's machine be tested by the National Bureau of Standards? (NBS). The NBS concluded that the input power was greater than the output. The test results were published in June 1986 and concluded that it was not a perpetual motion machine, and the patent was again denied. Newman later withdrew the patent. Newman's ideas about electricity and magnetism have been described as pseudoscientific and his claims false. (Wikipedia, Joseph Newmn (external link))

Even though the National Bureau of Standards? made their claims they refused to return the motor to Newman. After years of expensive law suits it is believed the motor was recovered.

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