Global Scaling Theory

The main english website can be accessed here:

http://www.global-scaling-institute.de/50-1-Publications.html (external link)

The Global Scaling Theory Compendium is a good overview file to read as well as the Progress in Physics files. The English web pages are not nearly as up to date or have as much information as the German pages do.

My favorite paid-for publication is the Raum Und Zeit (Space and Time) Special 1:

http://shop.raum-und-zeit.com/index.php?special1GlobalScalinginenglischerSprache (external link)

This edition is in English and I used the Translate feature on my browser google toolbar to translate the site as I went through the checkout process.

There really isn't anything mind-blowing new here. It deals with harmonics, prime numbers, vibrations, three within three within three, etc. But the use of repeating fractions. Some logarithmic and fractal math, and the abundance of colored illustrations really helped me a lot. This is my favorite publication in this area. Basically, it's a fresh look at the Keely and Russell material with a few twists. GI


Global Scaling appears to be as
http://samsanders.readyhosting.com/whatisglobalscailing.htm (external link)

then it sounds a lot like Russell's Scale of Locked Potentials

and Indig Numbers series from Fuller.

And it may be similar to our geometric progressions as opposed to arithmetic progressions as discussed in the Laws of Being.

Most excellent (must read) article on scaling:
http://www.av8n.com/physics/scaling.htm (external link)

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