Fluid Propulsion - 1061142

Fluid Propulsion
1061142 5/6/1913
Here is the original Tesla Turbine patent. “It has been demonstrated that, in order to obtain the highest economy, the changes in velocity and direction of movement of the fluid should be as gradual as possible.” Anyone who has worked in the water treatment or power generation industries has at times expressed great dissatisfaction with normally available pump technology. Vanes, impellers, and pipe connections all have the potential to create dramatic shear zones in fluids and are thus subject to tremendous mechanical stresses. Cavitation is an ever present danger in many systems.

In this patent, spiral motion of fluid is induced within the system. Only in recent years are we beginning to realize, partly due to work by Buckminster Fuller and further study of Viktor Schauberger's work, that most natural motions are spirals. Only a very few engineers have seen the potential value of this technology, so it remains a field to be explored. Note also that any time there is a spiral motion of a fluid, there is a concurrent vortex with a neutral center.

As so often was the case with Tesla's patents, several alternate configurations and uses are outlined. Two patent applications are referenced in the text which are not included in the Ratzlaff compilation, which adds to the mystery of this system.

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