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Hertz in his conjectures that a knowledge of the structure of ether should unveil the essence of matter itself, and of its inherent properties, weight and inertia, is treading the path that leads to this knowledge. Professor Fitzgerald says:- "Ether must be the means by which electric and magnetic forces exist, it should explain chemical actions, and if possible gravity." The law of sympathetic vibration explain chemical affinities a sympathetic attractive, but inherent, force; in short, as gravity. This open up too wide a territory even but to peer into in the dawning light of Keely's system of vibratory physics. The boundary line is crossed, and the crowds of researchers in electromagnetism are full of ardor. Hertz constructed a circuit, whose period of vibration for electric currents was such that he was able to see sparks, due to the increased vibration, leaping across a small airspace in this resonant circuit; his experiments have proved and demonstrated the ethereal theory of electromagnetism: - that electromagnetic actions are due to a medium pervading all known space; while Keely's experiments have proved that all things are due to conditions of ether. Hertz

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