Diwali is one of the major festivals of India, and symbolizes the ushering in of light that dispels darkness. Indians celebrate the festival by decorating their homes with colorful lights and make a lot of noise with the bursting of crackers. Hindu mythological God (King) Ram? is said to have returned to his capital city, Ayodhya?, after defeating demon king Ravan? of Sri Lanka?, on the Diwali day, hence all the festivities. Lord Ram? had to serve 14 years of exile in the woods after being forced to do so to fulfill the wishes of one of his four mothers who had forced his father to banish him to the woods.
Though the festival is essentially that of the Hindus, it has connotations beyond religion. It reminds us of both darkness and light, something the modern world is finding difficult to distinguish between. For me, people like you are engaged in the greatest task of dispelling the darkness that prevails throughout the world and this darkness is the result of losing our true self wherein lies the real power.

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