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Albert Abrams

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Dr. Albert Abrams, M.A., M.D., LL.D.

Heidelberg University.

Learned radionics from Dr. H. Spencer Harvey Spencer Lewis.

The founder of the "Electronic Reactions of Abrams" which has developed into what is now known as "Radionics". This web site will give some insight into the medical practice of Dr. Abrams revealing his fundamental methods as well as some of his discoveries and claims, reactions of traditional medicine, and the legacy of his findings. from Albert (external link)

In the early 1900s, Dr. Albert Abrams developed the idea that all parts of the body, including diseased body parts, had a specific vibration rate. He said that if the vibration rates of the diseased part could be determined, then that same frequency could be sent back into the body and cure the disease.

Electronic Reactions of Abrams
Radio Disease Killer
The Reflexophone
The Ocilloclast

"If you read Albert Abrams, he was working on vibrational analysis years before 1915. I need to get a dictionary pre-1900 and 1920 to check some terms. I think that there were many doing experiments in the vibrational field at the time of Abrams. He was a tireless worker and published everything he found. I find it amazing that the AMA under Morris Fishbein were able to almost stamp out and destroy Abrams. If you notice though, research at this time was varied and mixed. The concept of vital energy was still part of medicine although the Flexnor report of 1910 started to erode, say, homeopathy, etc. With the injection of millions from the Rockefellers and others, the AMA finally started its battle against the eclectics and by the 1920's stared to dominate thinking in the budding field of medical science...

Abrams made no difference between psychic energy or biodynamic energy (he uses this term in his 1912 publications of his research). He notes eminent scientists who were also interested in evidence of psychic/subtle energy working in the body. Abrams did not coin the term radionics. I have the remnants of an older instrument which was built in 1928 and it uses the term radionics stamped on the case. Thanks to the internet we can share this information." JN

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