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T0281-063 * TEXT OF READING 281-63

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 6th day of March, 1943, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Ruth Denney, Helen Ellington, Jane Williams, Beverly Simmons, Grace Premo and Mae Verhoeven.


Time of Reading 4:00 to 4:35 P. M. Eastern War Time.

1. GC: You will have before you the enquiring minds of those present in this room who are studying the Book of Revelation in relation to the human body; also the information already compiled and that which may be acquired, including the chart which I hold in my hand. These individuals seek an understanding of all the attributes and influences that go to make up a living, moving, human body. You will answer the questions they submit, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the enquiring minds of those present in this room, those seen and unseen; the information that has been given respecting the application of the study of Revelation in reference to the human body.

3. Ready for questions.

4. (Q) Comment on the chart, (See 281-63, Par. R1) give corrections and value of it as a key to this study.
(A) As interpreted in the minds of those who have put the chart together, this in the main is very good. As to the varied centers, their reactions and activities, these - to be sure - become more individual. But as we have indicated, and as will be the experience of individuals in the study of this chart, these will necessarily respond to that consciousness or awareness that has been attained by the student - or the individual entity. And these should be a helpful influence in the minds of those as they attempt to apply same in their own experience and relationships.

To be sure, as given, and as may be the experience of those as they study the outline indicated from the chart, - there will be times when individuals will interpret correctly. There will be times when there will be doubts - until a practical application of same is made in the experience of the individual entity.

5. (Q) What attribute dominates the X and Y chromosomes found in the spermatozoa and ovum?
(A) This is dependent upon purpose and attitude of individual entities that produce or bring about the uniting of same. If this is from those conditions that have had those activities which cause any deteriorating effect, it produces then that value of the cycle about the center of the positive and negative forces. What produce same? Attitude!

6. (Q) What influence dominates the activity of each of the 3 distinct divisions in the cell that produces the sperm?
(A) The life experience of the individual entity, as a whole; as related to the spiritual ideal of that entity - which may be indicated in that He gave, "Ye do not gather grapes from thistles."

7. (Q) The ovum?
(A) The same.

8. (Q) Why are the divisions unequal in the breaking down process of the cell producing ovum?
(A) That is the activity of the negative and positive force as related one to another. Just as in the current in electrical energies the electrons by activity are broken down, as dissipation takes place; unless there are boosters in the connections in same. So, in the production of the cell in its unity, if there is activity upon same by an ideal or purpose in the act itself, then there becomes variations in its centers about which the vibration begins.

9. (Q) What influence does the individuality of each of the polar bodies have on fertilization of the ovum, and development in the nucleus?
(A) Each supplies that individuality which in its union produces a personality. This then would come to this: What is personality and individuality, as related to the sex relationship in the act itself? These determine, then, much of that activity that is the dominating influence in that brought about, by the contact of or the piercing of the ovum.

10. (Q) How are the chromosomes from each of the polar bodies used in cooperation with the 24 from the sperm and 24 from the ovum to bring into manifestation the 3 types of cell layers - ectoderm, entoderm, mesoderm - in development of embryo?
(A) These are as the factors in that of anatomical rebuilding of influences or force upon the body produced. These each, then, have their relationship to each layer as related to that which brings about the individuality or the sex activity of the body, in the activity of the ovum in this relationship.

11. (Q) What power does the centrosome have, and what is its relative to in a living, human body?
(A) The emotions as related to the CENTRAL forces in the eventual activity within the lyden gland itself, or that ability to reproduce within its own self.

12. (Q) How many genes are contained in the chromosome, and what is their relative activity to various portions of the human body?
(A) These are varied in their activity in the body building force, by the relationship of the individual entity that has the controlling force upon the developing of the foetus in its activity, see? For, as the first activity is the reaching out by the very force of the numbers of the cellular force in the various layer in that activity, these bring their relative relationships upon each center from and through which impulses arise in the body forces themselves. One is active upon emotions, one upon the reflexes, one upon the centralization - or coordination of the reflexes with this activity in itself.

13. (Q) Why are the Y chromosomes found in some of the spermatozoa and are lacking in all ova and their polar bodies?
(A) This is the variation in the very nature or character in the spermatozoa and the ovum activity itself. These are the natures of this. For, one was created first and the other came out FROM same.

14. (Q) What is the difference in quality between an ovum fertilized by a sperm containing an X chromosome and one containing a Y chromosome?
(A) The ability of the reflexes, as just indicated, as the nature or the activities of same in their relationships to one another.

15. (Q) Is our chart valuable in tracing disease from result to cause? Please give an example using chart.
(A) This as a tracing of heredity in disease may be valuable. As for that of other natures, not so good. These would give, as by the very nature of the chart activity, how the activity of the chromosome upon the ovum shows whether the body would be susceptible to one or another character of disease.

16. (Q) Please give a pattern outlining how the twelve major divisions (See 281-29 and 281-30 on 10/28/36 and 2/17/37 in re twelve major divisions) of the body are set up through the endocrine system in the nucleus?
(A) This has been given, as to how they pass from one influence to another, in manner in which the mother in its application of thought, of food, of mind, carries those activities to the various centers making the body-building, the nerve and blood building, the emotions, and the very natures to which the pattern will be formed in its relationship to that with which contact is made.

For, oft - as may be demonstrated in individualities - there are those who are geniuses an yet are so very close to the border that an emotional shock may make a demon of a genius. There are those activities in which a spiritualized cell, by environment, may make of the demon a saint.

17. (Q) Would the history of the Jewish race from Abraham to Jesus parallel the development of the embryo from conception to birth?
(A) Rather would the history of man from Noah to Abraham; while that from Abraham to Christ would be the mental unfoldment of the body. For, that which leads to the Christ is the mind. And the mind's unfoldment may be that indicated from Abraham to the Christ.

18. (Q) Please give others we may parallel.
(A) Such activities as just indicated give the parallel or pattern through which it may be indicated at the birth of an individual entity as to the direction it will take.

19. (Q) Please give definite direction to (2175) present in this room, for future study and fuller understanding.
(A) As indicated, knowledge without the practical ability to apply same may become sin. For, it is knowledge misapplied that was the fall? - or the confusion - in Eve.

In the application and study, then, of all influences that go to make up the developments, - as the entity may find, as indicated to the entity in that just stated, the unfoldment of the mind as may be paralleled by the history of the communication of spirit, or God, with individual entities from Abraham to Christ, may be seen in thine own children. For, this is the manner to make same practical, - that knowledge ye have gained in not only watching but aiding in the unfoldment of their minds. Do not put off questions asked too long to be answered. And have an answer when the question is asked.

20. We are through for the present.

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