T0281-058 * TEXT OF READING 281-58

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 1st day of October, 1941, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Esther Wynne, Florence Edmonds, Frances Y. Morrow, Hannah Miller, Ruth LeNoir, Mae Verhoeven, Sallie Jones and others.


Time of Reading 3:50 to 4:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers Prayer Group, members of which are present in this room, and their study of the endocrine system of the human body. You will answer the questions they submit, as I ask them.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group as gathered here, as a group, as individuals, and their study of the endocrine system. Ready for questions.

3. (Q) Please consider the outlines, copy of which I hold in my hand, and make such corrections and additions that may be necessary.
(A) These - corrections or the activities - are not to be from here. This is the work of the group as individuals, from that they have gained that has proven helpful in their OWN minds and may prove helpful to others!

4. (Q) Please give a discourse on each of the seven major glandular centers, as I call them, that will help us and others to have a better understanding of their functions physically and mentally during the adolescent period, the adult period and the changing period; also mentally and spiritually during meditation, opening of the door, the baptism of the Holy Spirit: First, - Pituitary.
(A) This, as has been indicated, is the way along the system. (This is going backward - we should begin with the first cause, if an understanding is to be maintained!) These, they pass along the way; that has to do with the correlating of physical, mental and spiritual understanding. It is the growth of body and mind, the opening of which is the arousing in the adolescent to the disputations that become the conflicting influences in the experience of the individual entity.

It is the door, as interpreted by some, through which physically all of the reflex actions respond through the various forces of the nerve system.

It is that to and through which the mental activities come that produce the influences in the imaginative system as well as the racial prejudices as termed the predominating influences - or the blood force itself.

In the spiritual, it is that to which the singleness in the adult brings the awakening to its capabilities, its possibilities, its ultimate hope and desire.

It is that which in the change period brings the physical influence in which there there is the correlating by experience, through the changing influences in body as related to its OWN findings and its individual intent and purpose. Or, as may be termed, it is physically the ripening of the fruit of the experience of the body; as to whether it has been material-mindedness or of spiritual import.

And in the mental it is that which gives judgement and understanding, tolerance AND relationships to the determining factors. Hence we find some grow old gracefully, some tolerantly, some fussily and some very meanly. All of these, then, are the expressions of that which has been the dominant force that began from its first active influence that passed from its innate to the animate, to its full completion in the individual experience of the entity.

This is the influence also, or the activities spoken of, as the door upon and through which the old men may dream dreams, the young men may see visions.

All of these are the expressions of this activity in its relationships, correlated with other influences and glands that are of the physical as well as the mental natures in the body.

5. We are through for the present.

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