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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 7th day of June, 1941, in accordance with request by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Beverly Simmons, Ruth Denney, Mae Verhoeven.


Time of Reading 3:40 to 4:05 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers Prayer Group, members of which are present in this room. You will consider their work and study on the endocrine system of the human body, answering the questions they submit, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the work of the Glad Helpers, and their work on the endocrine system - as a group, as individuals, and those present in this room.

3. In answering questions, it is well that all members of the group, as well as those present, analyze their own experiences in the light of that which has been, may be or will be given respecting the manners in which they each may use such information as a helpful influence, - first in their OWN experience, and then in assisting others to understand their purposes, their desires, - physically, mentally, spiritually, - in human relationships.

4. Ready for questions.

5. (Q) Are the following statements true or false: Inception is the aerial activity to the nucleus.
(A) This is correct, if there is the understanding that there is the physical, the mental AND the spiritual aspect also.

6. (Q) Conception is the physical activity.
(A) Not necessarily. For, aerial activity produces conception. It is that movement by which the parts of the activity become one. THAT is conception.

7. (Q) In giving that as may be understandable in the study of man, it is necessary to understand that purpose for which an entity decided to enter the earth plane from the first creation of that entity.
(A) This is too far-reaching to be answered Yes or No. For, each experience of a soul-entity in materiality is part of the whole experience of the entity. Each inception, each conception upon which the soul depends for its period of manifestation is as but a moment, a day, a year in the activity of the ENTITY itself. Thus it could not be said that an individual conception is a beginning. It is a part of a whole, - from those activities first conceived in mind - and there is no time in spirit, see?

8. (Q) There may be wholly the carnal or animal nature on the part of both and yet conception may take place.
(A) Correct. But there is also the physical law that is active under such conditions. There are also laws of the mental and the spiritual being that are also active. As it were, it is an individual using a life-giving and a death-dealing influence without happening to be destroyed.

9. (Q) Comment on the following: Considered from the physical, - when conception takes place only the physical body is limited.
(A) And this relatively so. For, when conception takes place there is also to be considered the form or manner in which the environmental conditions are to influence the relative physical stature, the relative physical beauty, the relative physical activity as to whether it is to become male or female - by the motivative force of the nucleus about which the positive and negative forces are vibrating. This is not determined at conception but is a development - the sex, see?

10. (Q) Considered from the mental, when conception takes place the mental capacity is limited to the highest positive count of the soul number.
(A) Yes and No. For, again, there are those relative relationships with the environmental forces. For, it is or has been conceded that in the Grecian experience the beauty and the stature and the symmetrical figure were all wrought by the environment. So, also, the environment of the mental force may be such as to bring those vibrations that may alter or attune, or confuse or hinder, that mental expansion. For, within the nucleus at conception is the pattern of all that is possible. And remember, man - the soul of man, the body of man, the mind of man - is nearer to limitlessness than anything in creation.

Hence those who consider the manner of being channels through which souls may enter are taking hold upon God-Force itself; and it is not the same as an animal, insect or any of the rest of creation - which is limited always.

This statement would be true, then, of ANY conception below man.

11. (Q) Considered from the spiritual, - when conception takes place the spiritual attributes are limited to the highest positive count of the soul number.
(A) Here you are accrediting again those conditions to material things, and yet you are dealing with the infinite. Then, this is not true.

12. (Q) Conception can only take place when the spiritual ideal set by both is met.
(A) TRUE conception, SPIRITUAL conception, MENTAL conception only takes place under such; but, as we have just stated above, physical conception may take place from purely carnal influences!

13. (Q) Conception can take place when the spiritual ideal set by one is met.
(A) Conception may take place under ANY circumstances, - physical, mental or spiritual!

14. (Q) When twins are conceived the ideal of each parent is expressed.
(A) This may or may not be true.

15. (Q) When triplets or more are conceived it is the result of confusing ideals in each parent.
(A) Remember, it is physical first, mental next, and spiritual next. All are dependent one upon the other.

16. (Q) An individual entity is attracted to the soul number which is determined at conception.
(A) Again you are confusing signs for reality. Yes, it may be; but how many two's are there in your mind? How many of ANY number, or how many combinations of same? It is true that there are certain set numbers, but as to the CAPACITY of that number - how many times may there be three's, five's, eight's, nine's? These are limitless! So are the abilities, spiritual, of an entity's conception in activity.

17. (Q) The changing of the positive and negative forces by the mind of the mother determines the entity that enters.
(A) Yes and No.

18. (Q) An entity only has a soul number when in the earth plane.
(A) Yes.

19. (Q) Through other planetary sojourns an entity has the opportunity to change its rate of vibration so as to be attracted in the earth plane under another soul number.
(A) Each planetary influence vibrates at a different rate of vibration. An entity entering that influence enters that vibration; not necessary that he change, but it is the grace of God that he may! It is part of the universal consciousness, the universal law.

20. (Q) Numbers are indications of abilities, as the astrological influence indicates urges.
(A) Correct from a physical standpoint only. These have nothing to do with WILL, that is the controlling factor of an individual entity or soul. They are merely signs! Do not dwell upon signs and become a sign reader, and believe in signs and not in the TRUTH!

21. (Q) The number is parallel to the incarnation, which is relative to the universal consciousness.
(A) Yes and No.

22. We are through for the present.

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