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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 2nd day of April, 1941, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Florence Edmonds, Esther Wynne, Frances Y. Morrow, Hannah Miller, Ruth LeNoir, Helen Ellington, Gladis Hardin, Sallie Jones, Mae Verhoeven.


Time of Reading 3:55 to 4:20 P. M.

1. HLC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers Prayer Group, members of which are present in this room. You will consider their work and study on the endocrine system of the human body, answering the questions they submit, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the group gathered here; as a group and as individuals, also their work and study of the endocrine system in the human body, with the information which has been indicated through this channel - that was to be analyzed in the mind of each.

3. Ready for questions.

4. (Q) Are the following statements true or false? Comment on each as I read it: The life force rises directly from the Leydig? gland through the Gonads, thence to Pineal, and then to the other centers.
(A) This is correct; though, to be sure, as it rises and is distributed through the other centers it returns to the solar plexus? area for its impulse through the system.

For the moment, let's consider the variation here in this life force - or as respecting this life force. The question is asked not in relation to the life alone as manifested in the human body, but as to the process through which coordination is attained or gained in and through meditation, see?

Hence physically, as we have indicated, there is first the nucleus - or the union of the first activities; and then the pineal as the long thread activity to the center of the brain, see? Then from there, as development progresses, there are those activities through reflexes to the growth or the developing of the body.

Interpret that variation, then, as being indicated here. One life force is the body-growth, as just described. The other is the impulse that arises, from the life center, in meditation.

5. (Q) As the life force passes through the glands it illuminates them.
(A) In meditation, yes. In the life growth, yes and no; it illuminates them in their own activity in life growth.

6. (Q) The leydig gland is the same as that we have called the lyden, and is located in the gonads.
(A) It is in and above, or the activity passes through the gonads. Lyden (See 281-53, R2) is the meaning - or the seal, see? while Leydig? is the name of the individual who indicated this was the activity. You can call it either of these that you want to.

7. (Q) The life force crosses the solar plexus? each time it passes to another center.
(A) In growth, yes. In meditation, yes and no; if there remains the balance as of the attunement, yes.

When we are considering these various phases, the questions should be prepared so that they would not crisscross, or so that there would not be a confusion or a misinterpretation as to what is meant.

You see, what takes place in the developing body, or in life growth (which we have used as a demonstration, or have illustrated), may be different from that which takes place as one attempts to meditate and to distribute the life force in order to aid another - or to control the influence as in healing, or to attain to an attunement in self for a deeper or better understanding. These questions or statements are such that they will be confusing to some; but if they are asked properly there will not be confusion.

8. (Q) The solar plexus? is the aerial gland.
(A) No. By the term aerial we mean that impulse or activity that flows in an upward, lifting, raising or rising movement. It is an activity in itself, you see; not as a gland but as an activity UPON glands as it flows in, through, from or to the various centers of activity in the system itself. It is a function. Let's illustrate - possibly this will give an interpretation such that you may understand:

In your radio you have what you call an aerial for communications that are without any visible connection. This is not a part of that making up the framework, yet it is necessary for certain characters of reception or for the better distribution of that which takes place in the instrument as related to communication itself.

So in the physical body the aerial activity is the flow through the pineal, to and through all the centers. It aids the individual, or is an effective activity for the individual who may consciously attempt to attune, coordinate, or to bring about perfect accord, or to keep a balance in that attempting to be reached or attained through the process.

As the process begins in the physical body, it is along the pineal; or it is the same movement that is the controlling or attuning influence from the mother with the developing forces of the body through the period of gestation.

That is the manner, or the process, or the way in which the impressions are made. So, if there is beauty about the body of the mother through such periods, there are those influences to bring about accord. It may be indicated in contour of face. It may be indicated in the process of change in the activity of the thyroid as related to all the forces, - even to the color of hair or eyes, or the skin's activity; the nails, or more toes than should be - or less, or such activities. Or, the influences existent through such processes might make for a lacking of something in the body itself, pathologically; by the attempt to create a normal balance without the necessary influences being available.

All of this is what we have referred to as the aerial activity, see?

HLC: I see.

EC: Don't say you see if you don't see! You only had a portion of it! Let's illustrate it in this way, so you will comprehend:

Understand the processes of activity through which there are the needs of the aerial in reception. For, of course, it is a matter of vibration in the body, as well as that illustrated in the physical condition. Thus there are activities about a body that is supplying the needs physically and mentally for a developing body, that become a part of the process, see?

9. (Q) The entity preparing to be born into the earth has an influence upon the mother in building its own body.
(A) No. That would be the same as saying that an atom had an influence upon that to which it could be attracted! See the variation?

As in the realms outside of the material body, we have influences that are sympathetic one to another and we have influences that have an antipathy one for another, - as in fire and water, yet they are much alike. There are other forces that are active in the same manner, or that are of the same nature.

But in the physical world there is builded a body, by the process of a physical law, see? Now: There is builded also a mental body, see?

God breathed into man the breath of life and he became a LIVING soul.

Then, with the first breath of the infant there comes into being in the flesh a soul, - that has been attracted, that has been called for, by all the influences and activities that have gone to make up the process through the period of gestation, see?

Many souls are seeking to enter, but not all are attracted. Some may be repelled. Some are attracted and then suddenly repelled, so that the life in the earth is only a few days. Oft the passing of such a soul is accredited to, and IS because of disease, neglect or the like, but STILL there was the attraction, was there not?

Hence to say that the body is in any way builded by an entity from the other side is incorrect. BUT those mental and physical forces that ARE builded ARE those influences needed FOR that soul that does enter!

10. (Q) The entity desiring to enter governs the change in sex, which may occur as late as the third month.
(A) It may occur even nineteen years after the body is born! So, it doesn't change in that direction!

11. (Q) The physical development of the child is wholly dependent upon the mother from whom it draws physical sustenance, but its purpose, desire and hope are built up or influenced by the minds of all concerned.
(A) That's the first question you've asked correctly. CORRECT!

12. We are through for the present.

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