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This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 23rd day of October, 1940, in accordance with request by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Florence Edmonds, Esther Wynne, Hannah Miller, Frances Y. Morrow, Helen Ellington, Ruth LeNoir, Helen Godfrey, Mae Verhoeven, Louise K. Dill and Sallie Jones.


Time of Reading 3:30 to 3:50 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the members of the Glad Helpers gathered here. You will continue with the discourse on the endocrine system of the human body.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group as gathered here, and their study of the endocrine system.

3. In that which has been given there is the attempt to show the necessary coordination of the mental with the physical and spiritual; or, to be exact, the coordinating of the mental with the spiritual that so alters the characteristics, the purposes, the hopes of the individual entity materialized and manifested. That entity, however, is altered by choices made under its own impulse.

4. But to further demonstrate or illustrate those phases of the emotions, and that necessary in the union of purpose for the channels, we find that - as indicated - other illustrations are needed.

5. From the patriarchs there may be taken others, - as first indicated in Samson; and also that which has been referred to in those relationships borne by Kish and Methulabah (?), when there were the preparations for the individual entity that was to be king over that chosen people. We find that the preparation of the parents, mentally and physically, was such that there was an elongation of activity in the endocrine system of the pineal; so that the stature of the entity then was of a different type, a different nature, and the mental and spiritual so balanced and coordinated that through the experience of the entity there was a physical and mental development equaled and surpassed by few. Yet the APPLICATION of the entity OF those opportunities was personal; so that what was individually personified of the mental and spiritual of the entity's sojourn was then of self in its LATTER analysis.

6. But the activities of the glands, - what has this to do with those activities or choices that the entity or individual makes after the periods of gestation are completed, either during the period when the entity is under the direction or counsel of the parents, or tutors or friends and associates? What have the glands to do with the choices the individual makes? This depends upon whether or not the activity has been such that there is kept the coordinating of the glands of the body as related TO the activity of the organs being directed.

7. Then, it is not that the entire life experience is laid out for an individual when there has been received that imprint as of the first breath, or the spirit entering the body as prepared for activity in the material world. For, again, choice is left to the individual, and the personality - as to whether it is the laudation of the ego or cooperation with its fellow men, or as a consecration to the service of the Creative Forces in its material environs.

8. All of these are to be taken into consideration, then; just as they are indicated in the study that first prompted this search for the BEGINNINGS of individuality and personality in an entity entering and becoming active in the material complacency of a changing world.

9. Further illustrations we may find, of both a physical and a mental nature.

10. When Manoah sought with his whole desire and purpose that there might be the blight taken from his associations among his fellows, he with his companion, prayed oft; and then the visitation come.

11. Here we find a consideration also to be taken, when one studies even the anatomical structure of the channel for expression of body, mind and soul. In the material world, in the anatomy books that have been written by some, attempted by many, there is considered only the physical channel, and not the mental and spiritual attributes and activities. But if ye are studying these in the light that they are to be applied in the interpreting of Revelation, then the mental and spiritual must also be taken into consideration.

12. The prayer of Manoah and his companion was answered by the visitation of a heavenly figure, in the form of a man; which was not conceivable by the husband, - yet when satisfied of same, and the wife - Mahoa (?) - conceived, the entity physically - PHYSICALLY - was the greater tower of strength. Yet as indicated that strength lay in the hair of the head of the individual. What GLAND caused that activity of such a physical nature, as to be the determining factor in that development?

13. As is indicated, the thyroid is within the body so placed as to have that influence. There are only a few of these that are not within the organs themselves.

14. It has been given at first that as each organ develops in the foetus there is the development of the gland within itself to give it the ability to REPRODUCE itself. Yet there are those outside, or they are centers from and through which pass the emotions, the activities from the organs of other portions of the body; and become so influenced as to produce a definite PHYSICAL effect.

15. If they produce the definite mental effect, if they produce through same definite spiritual attributes or abilities, and if these are coordinated by the individual into personality, - what are the results?

16. Here this is illustrated in Samson, - a lad who grew to manhood with the unusual strength and power, the ability to cope with exterior forces and influences that were beyond the understanding and comprehension of his associates. Yet his ability to say no to the opposite sex was nil, - his ability not to be influenced by the opposite sex was nil, - because of the desire for the gratification of those activities which were of a glandular nature within the body.

17. What are the lessons to be gained or understood, then, from the illustrations here given?

18. We will begin, then, with the various glands that act independent of the organs, and yet AFFECT them through THEIR glandular force or source that lies within the functioning of the organ itself.

19. We are through for the present.

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