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This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 2nd day of October, 1940, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis. Steno. Esther Wynne, Florence Edmonds, Frances Y. Morrow, Helen Ellington, Ruth LeNoir, Helen Godfrey, Sallie Jones and Mae Verhoeven.


Time of Reading 3:30 to 3:50 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the members of the Glad Helpers gathered here. You will continue with the discourse on the endocrine system in the human body.

2. EC: Yes.

3. As the nucleus forms, there begins that activity which becomes the motivating force of the mental, the physical and the spiritual influences as related to GROWTH.

4. It has been indicated, by the sage, the manner of growth in the womb is not understood by man; yet here ye may find a concept of that development.

5. That gland ((pineal?)) a nucleus extending in the shape or form of a moving atom, gathers from its surroundings physical nourishment; and from the mind of the body it takes its PHYSICAL characteristics, or the moulding as it were of its features as related to the external expression of same.

6. Then as the mind of the bearer binds those forces that are its natures in itself, its purposes, its desires, its hopes, its fears, these begin gradually to extend themselves through the nucleus; so that as the shape or form begins to find expression, there are also the channels through which the growth of the spiritual being gives its expression.

7. It is centered first, then about that known as the cranial center; next the 9th dorsal, or that which is the motivative force to other portions through the umbilical cord, that begins then in the third week to give material manifestations in physical development.

8. Then the centers of the heart, liver and kidney areas begin their expression.

9. Thus we have first the pineal, the aerial (See 281-53, Par. 8-A & 281-55, Par. 5-A, 6-A), the adrenals, the thymus - or the pump gland of the heart itself.

10. Each organ as it materializes in its development forms its own nucleus for the production of that which enables it in itself, from its own glandular system, to reproduce itself.

11. With the production of itself, the blood system begins its flow - then - in the second month of conception.

12. Then there begins the growth of the glands that forms eyes, ears, nasal passages; and those areas begin their formations.

13. The seeking here is for that area, that center, in which the system makes its relative relationships or associations with spiritual, mental and physical being.

14. These areas indicated, that have come through growth into being in relation to the mental, spiritual and physical attitude of the mother, are constantly dependent upon that one from which the body draws its PHYSICAL sustenance; but purpose, desire and hope are through the mental. Thus these centers are opposite the umbilical cord, or those areas through which ALL messages of desire, or of the mental nature, pass; not only to the brain in its reflexes but along the cords to the pineal, - that has been and is the extenuation of is first cause.

15. In those glands that are eventually known as the genital, or in the lyden, and the inner centers of the thyroid through and from which the exterior forces are indicated in their activity, there begins then the formation of the superficial circulation; that leads or connects between its spiritual import, its mental purpose, and its physical development - for their coordination.

16. Thus we find, as indicated in the bodily expressions, there comes in these areas - or from those centers of the areas given - the disturbances of a physical nature to which the young are more susceptible; which are of a glandular nature, finding expressions in the various forms in the physical to the superficial and the deeper circulation, between the cerebrospinal and sympathetic, or to the organs that are under the direction of same. We refer to such as measles, mumps, conditions of throat, the head and eyes. All of these are glandular centers.

17. That is why in portions of the Scripture the extenuating activities that take place in the spiritual being are described by the expressions through those body centers.

18. These follow through, throughout the periods of gestation, and are dependent still upon the environs, the mental attributes and activities, the purposes and aims of that individual BEARING the entity.

19. Thus it comes into the material world with that held to by THAT parent, with the CHARACTERISTICS that are the sum of spiritual, mental AND material purposes of the FIRST cause, as combined with its age and era or period of development.

20. We rest here.

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