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This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 28th day of July, 1937, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Edith & Florence Edmonds, Ruth LeNoir, Esther Wynne, Helen Ellington, Myrtle Demaio, Edna B. Harrell and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading 12:05 to 12:25 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers, members of which are present here, and their work in studying the Book of Revelation. You will continue to answer the questions prepared on this Book.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group as gathered here, as a group and as individuals, with the information that has been given the group respecting the Revelation - and its application in the experience of the individual.

3. In continuing, as has been given, the portions now begin with that assurance to the individual having put on the whole armor, with the full understanding of what is meant by the various activities that are given as emblematical experiences in the affairs and conditions of the earth, of which each material entity then is a part.

4. These assurances become rather as the great help in those periods of temptation or trial.

5. Ready for questions.

6. (Q) In Rev. 14 do the harpers as mentioned symbolize the souls or spiritual beings that took part in the early attempts to stop the fall of man, but who have not entered the earth plane?
(A) These have entered the earth plane but were those that in the beginning were as the sons of God IN the earth plane; and hence are referred to as the FIRST of those redeemed.

7. (Q) What is the meaning of the new song of the harpers?
(A) The new experience that comes to each soul. Let's keep it individual, see? The new experience that comes to each soul, as to the assurance of that help when necessary of the saints of the Father.

8. (Q) Please explain the symbols of the angels mentioned in Rev. 14. What is meant by the symbols of the sickles and reaping?
(A) That those individuals who have and are a part of the active force in a material world are to work, to give forth, to give out of their strength, theirselves in active service and not as those that would rest (from the material angle); but as the reapers, as the harvesters - which to the individual mind means labors for a definite purpose and service.

9. (Q) What is meant by "Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord from henceforth, yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them." Rev. 14:13?
(A) As referred to or given, the changes that have come and the assurance that has come to each individual who has recognized that the Lamb (or the Christ), or the activities of Jesus becoming the Christ are the assurance of the activity of the Christ in the passage from the material plane to the celestial. For as He preached to those bound even in the shadows of death, loosened that which made it possible for them to become again conscious of the opportunities for reconstructing of themselves in the experiences through which error had come, so blessed then are they who die in the Lord - for the body alone is bound.

10. (Q) What is meant by the angels with the seven last plagues, in Rev. 15?
(A) These are the activities that come to those who have begun and have found and have known the experiences of the activities and influences as indicated, and even have put on and become a part of - or are still in the active forces in the materiality - these see the pouring out of that which is the meeting of self in individuals yet in the earth, see? that is, the angels are the figures of that influence as of the wrath; that is, then the law, see? and this becomes necessary for the fulfilling of that "He hath not willed that any soul shall perish but hath with every ill provided a means, a way." Hence the pouring out, the meeting - and the great work or service that those may render who have named the Name, those who have known the song, those that are one with Him.

11. (Q) Is the temple or tabernacle of testimony, Rev. 15:5, referring to Akashic Records?
(A) That as you may term the Akashic Record?, or the Book of Life, or the Book of Revelation; that is, of the individual, see?

12. (Q) What is meant by the temple filled with smoke, Rev. 15:8? Is the temple the body and are these final steps in the process of spiritualization of the body?
(A) These are the final steps in the abilities of the individuals for their effective service, or filled with the smoke as the glory of the Father, see? This is the temple of the body, and - as such - where the Lord hath promised to meet those that are faithful and true.

13. (Q) What is meant by the angels with the seven vials, Rev. 16?
(A) This again is that fulfilling of the law. This is as the carrying forth in the earth of those influences that bring the wrath in the active forces, in the experience of the individuals.

14. (Q) What is the symbol of the 1st vial and the pouring of it?
(A) These all are as the same, through are represented as the effective activity upon the various conditions that have become a part of the errors in those that have the mark of the beast.

15. (Q) In Rev. 17 does the woman here symbolize the cause of the fall of spiritual man? Please explain with reference to Creation.
(A) It represents rather that which made for the projecting of man into matter through the associations that brought carnal relationships in those very activities. Not as a spiritual but as a material giving or bringing spiritual activity in the desire of the individual or soul.

16. (Q) Do the seven heads and mountains have any reference to the spiritual centers of the body, Rev. 17-9?
(A) These have reference to the spiritual centers, as has been indicated; and indicate and show in the latter portion of same as to how these have become purified in the redeeming forces of the Lamb.

17. (Q) Does Babylon symbolize self?
(A) Babylon symbolizes self.

18. (Q) Does Rev. 18 give some idea in symbols of the effect of the fall of self - selfishness?
(A) It does.

19. (Q) Does the marriage of the Lamb symbolize the complete spiritualization of the body? Please explain.
(A) As there has been given through the whole portion of Revelation; first how the symbols of the activity of the body mentally, spiritually, physically, are affected by influences in the earth - and as to how now the body has been raised to the realizations of the associations with spirit and matter through mind, the builder, and comes now to that as represented by the Lamb - or the mind, spiritual - that has now so raised the body as to become as a new being; or as was given by Him - the body is the church, the Christ- Consciousness is that activity which motivates same within the individual.

20. We are through for the present.

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