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This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 24th day of March, 1937, in accordance with request made by the Glad Helpers of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Helen Ellington, Florence & Edith Edmonds, Hannah Miller, Esther Wynne and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading 3:00 to 3:25 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers, members of which are present here, who come seeking at this time further light and understanding on the Book of Revelation. You will continue to answer the questions which will be presented on this study.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group, the Glad Helpers, and their study and their seeking in the study and understanding of Revelation; together with that which has been given respecting this. Ready for questions.

3. (Q) What is meant by the 4 angels bound in the river Euphrates in connection with the sounding of the 6th angel? (Gen. 2:14; Rev. 9:14; 16:12)
(A) As has been given, each reference in the Revelation is to some portion of the body as in its relative position to the emotions physical, mental, material; and their activities through portions of the system, as places that represent conditions in some phase of manifestation or development of the entity. Or the whole (to be put in another way and manner) is an experience of an entity (individual) through its relationships, its study, its application in the material world; and illustrated by influences or forces in the body and by places or conditions in the experience of man as known to those who were being spoken to by the writer.

Then we find, as in the beginning, the Euphrates - or THE GOOD RIVER (Frat), or THE RIVER of the fiat (covenant Gen. 15:18) - is being represented as being sounded now for the beginnings of the changes which have been affected by the activities of those who have preceded, who have acted upon the various influences or forces by the opening of centers and the emotions and the understandings and the conditions of the individual entity.

Hence it represents now, as it were, to the individual - that ye now begin to again to make practical or applicable, mentally, spiritually, materially, with that which has been thus far attained.

4. (Q) What are the 4 angels that are bound in the river Euphrates?
(A) As has been indicated, the four influences that are as the Air, the Earth, the Fire, the Water; being influences now that are - as understood by the entity, the soul, the individual - as a portion of itself again.

5. (Q) What is meant by the symbol of the Euphrates in relation to the body, if it may be connected?
(A) As just been given, it represents that as a boundary of its beginnings, or a beginning, or an end, from the material standpoint.

6. (Q) What is meant by the symbols of the horsemen who were to kill 1/3 part of men, in connection with the sounding of the 6th angel?
(A) That as a place, as a condition, an experience through which the influences are acted upon by the emotions in which the changes are wrought by the application of those very forces or conditions that have been spoken of in the experience of the individual, see?

Or, as put by another, "When I was a child I did as a child, when I was a man I did as a man," the same as in the beginning and the same as in the activities, or the same as in the relationships to all of these then as has been given heretofore - they must be as one, they must be compatible, they must be coordinant, they must be in the relative relationships one to another. These then become as destroying influences within the individual, a third portion of that which has been set as such a necessary force for a material body. How hath it been given throughout? The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit - which is the third. They are all one, and yet a third. The same as the death of those influences or forces or activities within the emotional, the physical, the material forces. All of these then are as representatives of these, or the activities from the four- fold elements that are activative in the experience of each entity, each soul.

7. (Q) Do we interpret correctly the angel described in Rev. 10, with the little book, as a guardian of the book of knowledge?
(A) This is a very good interpretation; or we come to that point in the experience of each soul - know ye have passed through the experiences of attaining to the understanding of thine emotions, the understanding of the needs of thy physical body, the understanding of thy relationships to the spiritual forces; and know ye come to that which is to be - what will ye do with that knowledge?

It might be set or interpreted as the guardian force, (See 900-17) for as is understood by each and every one that have studied in these influences or forces, all force, all power, all knowledge (constructive) is from a one source - is it not?

Then the guardian force is that ability to use or abuse that which has been combined in the book; or the BODY, see, as an illustration of that, as a parallel of that. Know ye have gained these, know ye are to use these in thine own experience.

8. (Q) Is the little book described in Rev. 10 - Power of Creative Thought?
(A) As has just been given, it may be that of the whole influence or that of the body itself, or - yes - that of creative through itself; for these are one.

9. (Q) What is the significance of John eating it up and of the verse, "Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings."
(A) As illustrated in that as indicated, and as from the use of same. Know ye have it - what will ye do with it? It becomes part and parcel, by the eating up. It is very beautiful to look upon, very beautiful to be desired; but in the application of same at times very bitter.

As is seen in the very manner in which - How did the Son in the earth become as an intermediator between sinful man and an All-Wise, All-Merciful God? By going through or experiencing, or in giving to, through the very sufferings in the body, the right, the purpose, the aim to be in that position!

Now, man having attained same by this study must prophesy - apply - prophesy IS apply - before many in many experiences, in many ways, in many environs, in many lands. All of these are a part and parcel of same. How did He put it as He gave, "I will bring to your remembrance ALL things, from the foundations of the world."

Then as it has been experienced by those who have taken hold of, who have combined the book (that is the book of Life), into the experience, it becomes within its body then a part and parcel of - and is to be expended in its relationships to the environs in that of prophecy, yes; in experiences before kings, yes; yea as beggars; ye as rulers; yea as those in authority; yea as those authoritative over.

THINK of how this is shown in the life of the Master himself; He that made man, yet under the authority and the will of man by the mere giving of self in the experience of passing through same. Not that these were needed other than that

it might be fulfilled, what? Prophecy, as had been given in man's search for God.

Then as this has been found, as is illustrated here by John, in the taking of the book and in becoming these, each then must pass in its experience through the same sources.

10. (Q) What is meant by the symbol of the "reed like unto a rod" with which John was told to measure the temple? Rev. 11. Please explain.
(A) How again has it been given by Him? "With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to thee again." Know that he had acceded to the point wherein he is to set the metes and bounds (John as an individual). Ye, your own souls as individuals, who will you put in your heaven? Ye of a denomination, ye of a certain creed, ye of a certain measurement, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again.

This then is an illustration that to each there is given, what? All power to set that as the metes and bounds of what heaven in itself shall be to those who would gather these, or those, or the self. What would be heaven to a soul that built it for its individual self? Heaven, yes - but alone!

Those that will measure then, those that will set metes and bounds - how has it been given oft? When ye name a name, or when ye give metes and bounds, ye forget that God's force, God's power is INFINITE! and this is beyond the comprehension of the finite mind. Yet as is illustrated here to John, as is illustrated to thee, thou art given - with the understanding - as to what the metes and bounds shall be. As to the numbers as seen, as understood, these become as parts of its own understanding.

11. (Q) Is the temple here the physical body?
(A) Rather the MENTAL in which is the pattern as of the tabernacle; or the holy mount - or that as set by a UNIFIED service of the body-mind, the body-physical, the body- spiritual; that vehicle that is without nails (as was the tabernacle as a pattern), not bound together, yet a covering, a place, an understanding for a UNIFIED activity with Creative Forces, or the power of God. The veil without, the holy within, and the holy of holies - knowing that there must be the cleansing, there must be the purifying, there must be the consecration. All of these are as patterns, they are as conditions, they are as experiences for each and every soul.

12. (Q) Is the court referred to the body apart from the spiritual centers?
(A) As indicated, rather is it as the environ without - the body-physical and mental within for its sacrificial forces, and then to the spiritual force within as to the holy of holies.

13. (Q) Are the Gentiles here those not seeking spiritual development?
(A) Rather do the Gentiles here refer to that without the court. Not necessarily not seeking, but - remember the measuring rod He hath set. These do not change because if thou art worthy, Christ-like in the material, ye are Christ-like in the broader sense in the mental - and how much greater in the spiritual! The same as in those who are very devout without - as a Catholic, as a Protestant - as of such and such creed or faith; how much smaller have they grown within!

14. We are through for the present.

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