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SVPwiki - a community built synthesis of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics where art (external link), sciences and philosophies of Keely, Russell, Nikola Tesla, Cayce, Reich, Quimby, Schauberger, Bearden, Kepler, Gauss, Riemann, Cusa and others with modern art, sciences and philosophies. SVP technology will provide humanity with abundant, cheap and clean energy.

"The acquisition of new knowledge by man is but the re-thinking or recollection of old knowledge." Walter Russell, The Universal One (external link), page 54

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"We (humanity) are going from the limited to the unlimited." Sage

Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates perpetually. In fact, everything is nothing other than these vibrations and oscillations in different combinations. We study the physics of these vibrations and oscillations to better understand how we and the universe works.

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"The unfolding of man to higher levels because of the balanced giving by the few is resisted by the downward drag of unbalanced taking by the many." Russell, Home Study Course

The SVPwiki endeavors to show and explain

Executive Synopsis of the SVPwiki purpose, ideal and objectives

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